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Kings mill offers unrivalled levels of Mediterranean dining in the legendary town of Kells
At our restaurant we use finest, locally sourced Irish, as well as organic Italian ingredients to suit the tastes and demands of all food loving customers. Dishes based on traditional as well as on modern recipes served in a rustic, atmospheric interior deliver a real “trattoria” experience in the heart of Ireland.
Whether you’re after a nutrient packed salad, quality pasta with homemade pesto or you want to enjoy an authentic, sourdough based, stone-baked pizza – You’ve found the right place.


Best ingredients,
modern and traditional Italian recipes

In order to make you experience genuine, Italian cuisine we use high grade, quality ingredients from Italy: Mozzarella di Bufala from Campania, Nduja, Parmigiano-Reggiano sourced in Emilia-Romana and Lombardy; quality Italian tomatoes, Nduja, wine from various Italian regions and more. We also source some ingredients locally to prepare dishes inspired by our beautiful region (try our famous Kells Priory pizza). Our food is prepared from scratch, we follow old, traditional recipes.

Enjoy the best mediterranean cuisine in the heart of Ireland, Buon Appetito!


Did you enjoy our cuisine and want to share with others? Would you like to buy a gift for an Italian food aficionado? Make someone smile by offering them vouchers, which can be exchanged for any tasty dishes on our menu. You will give the gift of best dining experience and support a local, family business.

Our Team


Investor, business owner, most importantly – founder of this wonderful restaurant. Italian cuisine afficionado, history buff and an adventurous explorer. Lives in Ireland since 2005, proud and happy to reside in Kells, in the heart of Leinster. Always active, well liked and known in local community.



Our highly experienced manager, holds degrees in both Management and HR. Passionate about good cuisine, great books and helping others, she is a great, motivating force in our team. Agata is known in the local community as a frequent volunteer and a facilitator.


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