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The Must-See Sites Nearby

As you may know, The Kings Mill restaurant is situated in the picturesque village of Kells which is known for its breathtaking landscape, but most importantly its ancient and marvelous sites that will leave you longing for more.


Why Italian cuisine is so popular

Italian cuisine - what makes it so good and popular around the world?
Italian cuisine took the world by a storm. It is popular on every continent and well regarded by cooks and culinary aficionados. Kings Mill invites you to explore a few aspects on strengths of our favourite cuisine. Learn with us why this meditaranean cuisine is so well regarded.


Kings River history

Kings Mill restaurant lies beside an ancient, picturesque river. Kings river was always important for local people and holds great history. Learn more about its past and origin of its name.


History of Pizza

Humble beginnings of the most popular dish in the world.

Arguably the most popular dish in the world comes from Italy, is centuries old but was not even well known outside the Campania region until just a few decades ago. Learn about pizza`s humble beginnings and how it became Italy's staple dish and conquered the world.


Explore the culinary map of Italia

Explore the culinary map of Italia with The Kings Mill Restaurant.

Italian cuisine is the most known meditarrean cuisine around the world. It brings to the table much more than just pasta and pizza. From risotto and pesto, through great Pecorino cheeses to wonderful desserts like granita... We invite you to read about Italian cuisine across many of its regions.


Opening soon

We Are So Excited To Soon Welcome Everyone Into Our Delicious Restaurant!!! Get ready to discover your new favourite place to visit. Make sure to follow our socials to stay tuned for any new updates -The Kings Mill Restaurant.